You've got to read this

It is profound.  It is worth the few minutes it takes to read it through.  Link

Thanks to Maggi Dawn.

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  1. I read it.

    Maybe the catholics have a different god from the God I know.

    What did Job’s wife say? “Curse God and die”.


    There are too many angry things I want to say about putting a lifeless set of rules on people and expecting them to walk by them, relying on their own power and strength and intellect.

  2. Linea


    I guess that when we read a post like this we each come away with a differnt impression. Just a sentimental story to many – one that makes them cry. The thing that caught me in this was the ending – the sense that God is still calling out to him, wanting him to come home. He left studying for the priesthood because he couldn’t do the practical work. And it was good he realized that in time.

    I personally think God can handle the insult of name calling. It is not necessarily how I would react. The biggest insult to God may have been the behaviour of the nurse.

    And I do not get as upset as you over the rules of the Catholic church. I know many who find God in that branch of Christianity. It is not my spiritual home but I have definately felt the spirit present while worshipping in some Catholic churches. So it may be lifeless rules to you but I think that when God is worshipped by his people there – there is life.