A busy day

Well, we did not just sit around and do nothing.  Not really.  Most of the day I played with my grandson and visited with the neighbors who were having a garage sale.  Kierna was very interested in their toys and we bought a few cars.  He also brought his big tricycle along and had fun riding it down the slope of the neighbors driveway with their three kids.  And we got a bunch of wonderful baby stuff from socks to a big saucer thing like a walker without the wheels – not sure what it is called but it looks fun.

It was a nice day to be outdoors.  And on the riverbank we could also watch the North Saskatchewan River rising.  The banks are too high on our side for any danger of flooding.  Tonight it was a good foot or two higher than this –


The other big event of this weekend is grad.  We don’t have anyone graduating this year but Sara is the escort for her boyfriend Cody.  They came over to the riverbank for photos this afternoon.  A cute couple and good friends. 



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