Daily Archives: June 22, 2005

Now it's too hot

It really is too hot to sit here in this hot office and write.  Our overhead fan was killed by water running into it’s motor from a leak somewhere in our roof – we have been unsuccessful in finding it.  We did install windows that open finally but there is no breeze. 

So we have quit complaining about the incessant rain.  Now we can complain about the unbearable heat!  For today anyway.  I guess if the bedroom were airconditioned I would be happier, oh yeah, and the office. 

The day was actually beautiful.  The second day of summer.  Sky was clear and blue.  Now there are some big old thunderheads in the distance with flashing lightning. 

I just got a call to pick up my Sara.  She is an escort for grad this weekend at St Mary’s.  Her boyfriend is graduating.  She is having fun – doing the whole bit; nails, (fingers tonight done by her sister-in-law), hair and even a pedicure sometime before Saturday.  She likes this kind of stuff.  Drives me crazy just the thought of having long nails!

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