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It just stopped.

The kids car that is.  We now have one dead car parked outside my front window.  So why today?  It seems as if all things are conspiring to make my departure for a weekend prayer retreat (Centerpoint at Covenant Bible College) more problematic.  Sara was going to use it to get to her soccer games on Sat and Sun and of course there is school to get to on Friday.  I think the main user of the car needs to be more sensitive to the signs of an ailing vehicle.  I suspect something has not been well for a while.  Well this may be a good lesson for her.  I think they may be vehicleless for awhile.  Worst part of that is the borrowing of my car then.  And it is quite possible that this weekend they will have no access to a vehicle.  They will just have to get creative – maybe walk?

The other challenge I have in getting prepared to leave is the presece of a lot of conflict right now between my daughter and I.  It seems that whatever I do or say causes her to react negatively and vice versa.  So the last day has been so hard.  We had a big argument last night when I came home tired to find her sleeping on the couch in front of the TV.  My enquiry into the state of her health revealed that she was not ill but when I asked her to help with supper and the response was “Don’t yell at me”  then I really did yell. 

The extent of our talking since then was a few moments ago when I asked her what happened to the car.

That coupled with stress at work has made the week pretty tough so far.

I really need to go to that prayer retreat.  I really, really need to go.

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