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I spent today up at Waskesiu in Prince Albert National Park.  On the drive up last night I was surprised at the number of deer that I saw.  I think I would be very cautious driving that road after dark.  I was on it at dusk – about 9:30 pm and the deer blended too well with the foliage even then.  On the way back this afternoon, I saw more.  They are looking a bit scruffy still, not having completely lost their winter coats. 

Today was not a nice lake day, unless like me you prefer walking over sunbathing.  There was no sun.

There were also no mosquitos.  That enhanced the pleasure of the walk in the drizzle.

After lunch, I had good intentions to read.  And I started out well.  But maybe choosing to read on the bed under the covers with just a bit of heat turned on was not the choice of a serious reader.  After a few minutes I woke up and the afternoon was gone!

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