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More on Convocation Day

One of the fun parts about being a parent is seeing the investment pay off.  Oh, I’m not sure if the financial investment ever reaps huge dividends and I don’t know that I would recommend it as a great financial investment strategy.  In fact I think kids just about break you in every way, financial included.  But yesterday, we got to be present at the convocation of the College of Law at the U of Saskatchewan.  And Eric now moves up into that category that is slightly above a law student.  He will now become officially a “student at law” as he begins his year of articling. 

I can remember those horrid days of elementary school with Eric.  I am not a teacher but because I was a missionary mother, I was expected to teach him Kindergarten and Grade 1.  I also was the only dentist in the province in which we lived and was trying to teach a student to do dentistry as well.  So class time with Eric was limited.  His Kindergarten was taught mostly at siesta time and that wasn’t the greatest time.  I was tired and he wanted to play.  By the time Grade 1 came around a short term missionary was there to help – a Godsend.  Otherwise he may not have lived to the ripe old age of 7 when he started regular classes.

And then there were those years of math problems.  Those few problems that took hours (literally) and ended up with tears of anger and frustration.  Those were the days before we knew about ADHD.  What saved him when he got into high school were friends that studied with him and his own natural intelligence.

What saved him as he got into Law school was his wife, Michelle. 

So yesterday we braved the long and in reality fairly boring convocation for the Colleges of Education and the College of Law.  Finally, there he was, up there on stage.  And we cashed in on those long grueling years of school.  It was worth it.

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