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Getting his LLB

Tomorrow is going to be a big day for us.  Eric convocates tomorrow afternoon from law.  Imagine that – one kid actually done school.  His second degree, in fact, since he already has a BA in International Development from Guelph.  We are proud of all our kids – as most parents are I guess.  It maybe is most rewarding to see them finish when it has not simply been a breeze; an easy accomplishment.  Maybe we all owe the most to Michelle who has loved him all the way through this degree.  I don’t think he would have made it without her encouragement (ie: making him study and commuting to PA to work to support them both).

We will take pictures!

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Dinner with the Doc's

One of the perks of being the wife of the regional MHO (medical health officer) is accompanying him to some of his work (ie: social) events connected to his job.  Sometimes I even get to travel with him but usually that ends up costing us money and I lose time at work.  We are such slaves to our jobs! 

Anyway, the Parkland Health Region is hosting the gathering of the provinces Medical Health Officers and Public Health supervisors.  Tonight was their welcoming dinner.  We sat at a table with guys from Kenya and Malawi and the Congo – oh yeah there were some Canadians too.  Talked about how poverty was one of the main determinants of health – not only in Africa but here too.  Talked about Rabies and other really gross stuff too.  Medical doctors have strange dinner time conversation topics designed to turn your stomachs.  And we even learned about condoms and STD’s and prisons and how there seems to be a bit of denial going on at some levels where regulations about the use of such things are being made.  Denial maybe?  Impossible that that kind of thing goes on in prison?  Must be a government decision since it does not make a lot of sense.

It was nice meeting some of the colleagues that Leo talks about a lot.  We laughed a lot and lamented some. The meal at Mandolins was superb.

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