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If you live in western Canada you have probably seen the “priceless” commercials for Mastercard.  Well, some things are just that – simply too priceless by any means of evaluation. 

Getting the news of Toni and Chris’s loss this morning on my way to church was so shocking.  Seemed sort of surreal.  And that is partly the distance and the inability to be there with them.  It takes longer for reality to hit at this distance.  There are times when the physical separation from people I talk to on the internet is too great.  A lot of those sorts of interactions die out over time because there is little to really sustain them.  But with Toni – well the contact held up; his kids near to mine in age, e-mails passed back and forth over difficult issues, prayers promised for each others concerns and this little glimpse into each other’s lives that is blogging.

So this afternoon, I spent some time alone in the prayer room, just bringing my friends to God’s attention. 

I took time to ponder the blessings of the people in my life as well, especially my own children. 

My daughter, Grace, heading out on the road to the lake got an extra hug.  I waited anxiously for Sara’s return since she too was on the road.  One son traveling to Calgary too.  Kids are exasperating about 80% of the time but fill my life with such richness and love.

On the other end of the age spectrum is my dad.  Although he can’t carry out the mental tasks he used to, he still remains my dad.  And his life is still a blessing from God that I can share.  So I visited him. The conversation gets a bit strange but love is exchanged and it is still good. 

And so many friends.  I don’t know what I would do without them.

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The old man …

is finally as old as I am.  I think the statements about being married to “a much older woman” have diminished in frequency a bit over the last few years.  Maybe he has realized that time simply marches on and in a short two months he also inevitably has to enter a bigger number too in the “age” box of forms. 

Happy Birthday to the guy I honestly have been in love with for the past 35 odd years.

I love you, Leo; you crazy old French Canadian would be golfer.

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