Celebrating 100 Years

We are really so young in the big scheme of things.  Still, in terms of political organization and man made geographical boundaries, 100 years as a province is an accomplishment many places in turmoil likely envy us for.

The province I live in is a beautiful place.  I was reminded of this as I (up way too early) watched the sky turn various shades of pink as the sun rose over the river. 

I guess I come by my love of nature and photography through some genetic leanings.  My brother, in celebration of our province’s birthday has produced a video – Saskatchewan: The Four Seasons.  He combines his photographic and production skills along with his son’s musical ability (original soundtrack) in this video.  Check it out here

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  1. Phil

    Nice video trailer. Most Canadians have a mental picture of Saskatchewan as endless prairie, because that’s what they see from the Trans-Canada Highway, but it is a really diverse province (about half forested). It’s good to see that your brother is helping break the stereotype.

    I assume that this is the same brother that our family had a chance meeting with in the West Block of Cypress Hills Provincial Park last summer.

  2. Linea

    That’s my one and only brother!