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Oh, The Lonely Little People

This morning P is phoning one of the patients that needs work done in the OR.  A child answers the phone.  A very young child, maybe kindergarten or grade one.  She should actually be in school by this time of the day but here she is answering the phone.  She is the patient who needs to go to the OR for the dental work.  A little young to sign her own consent however. 

I listened a bit to the one side of the conversation.  Bits were filled in for me by P.  

“May I speak to your mother or father?”, P says.  

There was some hollering in the background – you know “Mom! It’s the dentist’s office.” 

The little voice comes back on the phone.  

Mom is sleeping and will not get up.  This does not bode well for a potential OR case that has to be at the hospital by 7 am next Friday.  

Dad is in the bathroom the little voice states and can’t come to talk on the phone.  

P says she will call back in ten minutes to talk to dad.

“Couldn’t you just stay on the phone and talk to me?” the little voice asks.

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