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Prayer Room

This is one of the spots in our prayer room.  A place to write down prayers or confessions to be either shredded at the foot of the cross or posted on our “wailing wall”. 

I don’t know if the people of our congregation understand yet just how central prayer is to knowing God.  I mean, how can anyone know a friend if they never talk?  And how can that talking be limited to just a short hello, please give me… in any relationship that is going to develop into a deep friendship? 

My prayers used to be much like that.  I knew that God heard my prayers and I saw some of his answers but most of the time I didn’t really know much what to say.  I thought I had to be saying something the whole time I was praying and not being much of a talker – my prayers were by nature short and to the point. 

I think one of the changes that took place in me to kick start my prayer life was a sense of desperate need to pray for my children.  My position changed.  I decided that I would get down on my knees physically and pray for each one of my kids every morning.  From there things began to develop.  My whole devotional time became the starting point of my day and I decided I’d better start doing some reading if I wanted to know God better.  I began to read; not so much for information or to understand the history or context of the Bible or even to try and figure it all out.  I just read to learn more about God.  And I read other books too about some amazing people who followed him and were dramatically changed by meeting him through prayer.  God began to make his presence felt to me as I spent more time with him.  I guess you could say that my prayer time became more a time of listening to him than of me doing all the talking. 

I hope the people in our church begin to use this space that we have created.  I hope that they will find ways to talk to God and listen to him and not be afraid to get real hungry for more of God.  I think there are so many things he could give us to do in our world and in our city but we need to let him give us some sort of vision for how he wants to use his power through us. 

I guess that is one of the requests I’d better post on the wall.

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