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This whole weekend has been rather busy.  Yesterday getting the prayer room ready took longer than I thought.  But it is the kind of doing that I find enjoyable.  And now the room is ready and will be a blessing to all of us.  I spent some time there this afternoon.  There are two windows with no window coverings.  Maybe we should fix some kind of Roman blinds if people wish to dim the room in the middle of the day.  Today, I was glad of the sunshine coming in and as I looked out over this part of the city, I watched the birds fly up to the ledge of the roof.  They may be building nests there somewhere – I don’t suppose the folks that look after the building would appreciate that – but I enjoyed watching them.

I like having that space set apart for prayer.  A few years ago, there is no way that I would have gotten excited about spending substantial periods of time talking to God.  The thought of round the clock vigils were, I thought, a wonderful idea for the otherworldly saints who didn’t have real jobs that gave them enough to do.  Now the time I spend in prayer goes too fast.  The hour in the morning is gone and work starts too soon.  I don’t know but it might have been the fact I met God when I was really desperate for his help and found him to be approachable and the most caring friend to talk to.  And a bonus – he could change things over which I had no control.  And he could change me and wanted to.

Tonight I got together with my friends again.  We are still working through Manning’s Ragamuffin Gospel .  And we will finish it someday, even if it is hard to get together over the summer.  We talked about fear tonight.  Perfect love drives fear away.  We shared some of the things which still make us afraid.  For myself, I am slowly learning to trust God with things.  Sometimes we learn best by being taken to the limits of our competence so that we are forced to trust.  And as we learn to trust we learn to relax a bit because we find out that our Father is real; he does love us and will not let us go through the hard stuff alone.  I guess if we had no struggles we would not be challenged to let our trust grow.

All of us women have children that we love and are concerned about.  So we care for each other and encourage one another to learn this hard stuff about trusting God.  These women have been a gift of God to me.  They have been my images of Jesus, have given human skin to his arms holding me, have walked and talked to me bringing his words of encouragement over the past few months.

Our group has fluctuated in size and tonight was enlarged by one.  That is also a very good thing – to welcome another to the party.

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