Daily Archives: May 14, 2005

Home for the weekend

I am home for the weekend with few other demands on my time than:
– grocery shopping.  Have’t done a real shopping trip in too long.  I end up hurriedly shopping for milk and bread and stuff too many evenings if I don’t do a major shop once a week.
– finish setting up the prayer room.  This is fun but I have quite a few things left to do.  And it is spring clean up day at the church too.
– spend a bit of time working in my back yard.  It is still too cold at night to plant anything but I would like to be ready to plant when the weather gets warm.  Summer comes so quickly here that if the weather is rainy on the weekend when I am able to work in the yard I can miss planting season altogether.  This summer I want to get the yard looking sort of good.

That is probably enough for the day.  If I have extra time there is always laundry and housework.  Yuck!!

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