Daily Archives: May 9, 2005

Will work on these pictures

The picture uploads seem to have a glitch.  Have to go to work but I will reload them later.

Update – loaded the pictures by ftping them.  Some glitch in the prairie fusion uploader?  Likely I am doing some little thing wrong but I don’t know what it is.  Anyway – see below for the pictures.

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Of Goldfish and Weddings

I have never been to a wedding before where in order to entice the bride and groom to display their kissing skills, one had to swallow a goldfish live.  But Hey – it was their wedding and they are kind of crazy! 

The mother of the groom did it.  But the mother of the bride(my sister) would not meet her challenge.  I think she said something to the effect of – “We can see them kiss some other time.  There is no way I’m doing that!”

So it was a fairly unique wedding in some ways! 

We had fun.  Lots of relatives and visiting and cousins having fun. 

And this one is especially for her dad. 

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