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Well, today was pretty much it for pushing the deadline for paying the old taxes.  Penalties start to accumulate as of tomorrow.  So that is how part of our afternoon was spent – signing papers and signing cheques.

We also are amazed at how these things seem to work out.  And so we talked about that a bit.  We are still not achieving our goal of a 10% tithe – at least not in our receipted giving.  It is hard to judge these things as we don’t really know our income until things have been tallied up at the end of the year.  So we mentioned to our accountant that we are still not giving as much as we would like to.  I think Leo put it “still robbing God a bit”.  She assured us that we do a whole lot more than some.  But I guess that is not the point – just to do better than some.  So that is one of our challenges for the coming year. 

Between taxes, tithing and RRSP contributions, it seems that there is little left to live on some months.  We live in an “opulent state of poverty” as my hubby would say.  I think we have just been abundantly blessed.  We have never once not been able to pay those darn taxes.  Sometimes the ways the money shows up at the last minute are so obviously God providing that it is fairly humbling.

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