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What a few words can do

This morning I got to help serve breakfast to about 24 Junior High kids at the church.  They had been up all night – Twelve Hours of Madness – in preparation for Junior High Jam in Alberta.  It helps them get to know each other a bit.  Saskatchewan is a big place and Covenant Churches are a long ways apart so these kids don’t get together very often.  They were a very quiet bunch this morning.  Being up all night quiets even the best. 

One thing I noted – some of the kids thanked us for the food.  Not all of them.  It was nice to hear the “thank you’s”.  They were not expected from the kids – at least by myself.  Just a simple thing but it felt good.

Then I went over to the Mayors Prayer Breakfast.  It was better than I expected.  Well, the food was nothing to write home about, just pretty ordinary hotel breakfast fare, but the words spoken were unexpectedly good.  I have always been pretty critical of the mayor but his story impressed me more than I thought it would.  Maybe this kind of public exposure of his faith will provoke him to exercise his faith more visibly in his role as mayor.  Not in a falsely pious sort of way but on some issues his stance has not come across as “christian” at all, in fact sometimes he seems on the opposite side of what is generally considered the public good.  But no matter what, I will be less harsh in judging him.


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