Sara the Driver

Today a milestone was passed.  My household has no more student drivers!!  She passed.  Her only restriction is to wear her glasses.  Only lost 8 points.  She did the wrong sequence of signal, shoulder check, then change lanes a couple of times and did not end up parallel to the curb at the end of her park.  Not bad for someone who can’t back out of our driveway yet.

Our driveway is the litmus test for reverse driving.  First of all, my little CRV has to be backed out of the garage.  This requires a  slight turn in order to get past the porch steps and around the corner of the house.  Then the driveway is a fairly narrow one to negotiate.  While passing the house, another slight adjustment has to be made, keeping the vehicle parallel to the house till past the little part sticking out, turning towards the house again to avoid ending up in the neighbors yard.  If another car is parked in the extra parking space by the front step you must avoid running into that as well. 

She can now do this but it takes several retries and about ten minutes.

But she can now try it on her own and I do not have to endure the ten minutes patiently sitting in the passenger seat trying to give good advice.

She is so glad she got her license now.  September brings in a new graduated license with a bunch of restrictions on new drivers for the first couple of years. 

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  1. Steve Menshenfriend

    Thanks for all your work this morning. I wish I had more time to chat with Sara this weekend. She seemed like a great girl. She put up with some of the not-so-polite comments of some of the girls in my group. She seems to have a “grace” about her without being a pushover. You should be proud.

  2. Linea

    Oh, I think you must have met the other Sarah. My Sara is too old for the Jr High group at last. Her picture is down a couple of posts.

    But it is good to hear good things about the other Sarah too.

  3. Steve Menshenfriend

    Ah … the spelling was the same so I thought it was the same girl. My mistake. Thanks again.