Arguing our points

Just sitting here browsing, since my patients have chosen not to show up this morning – so far.  David Brazzeal at posted a link to this article, Avoiding the Argument Party, on the Resonate group conversation.  Brian McLaren gets knocked around for his expressions of belief but I sure think he writes with a lot of insight.  We spend a lot of time defending ourselves and specific current issues that we have strong opinions on.  We like to argue, especially if we can make our point clear. 

But, I wonder if Jesus would have argued over the popular controversies or if he would have left them to the religious leaders who liked to argue? 

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  1. well the gospels give me the impression Jesus was not against the occasional debate or verbal confrontation. however, he seems to have chosen them a lot more carefully than many church leaders seem to now.

  2. Phil

    Good article. I would add that I see a difference between argument, debate, and dialogue. The goal of argument and debate is to win, which requires a loser. Dialogue, on the other hand, seeks common understanding. I feel strongly that there are important issues that the church should discuss, but perhaps it should be done using dialogue, with a spirit of humility, rather than argument or debate. Even when appealing to scripture (“where is it written”) we should admit that our interpretation of God’s word could be wrong.