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Just thinking

I was thinking back to when I posted the picture of my son with his friends from law school.  He of course introduced us to friends of both sexes.  But his best friend was female and from what I could tell, he was certainly at ease in the company of a number of the women in his class.  I am wondering if this reflects on the stature of the significant women in his life or if it is just a personality thing?  He is a sympathetic guy and a good listener – but then again is definitely a male( his favorite piece of property he apparently listed as his rifle) in some ways of thinking. 

I’m just not sure he has been around many women that were the submissive type.  I am not.  His wife is not.  I suspect he is at ease around these women colleagues of his because he respects them as equals – or maybe as his betters.

I’ll have to ask him some day.

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