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Sweet Sixteen

Today was a pretty busy day – funeral this morning, dance competition to watch this afternoon and a session of volunteering at the same event this evening.  I just got home in fact.  And I’m pooped!  The girls got a distinction in their Hip Hop duet and that was great. 

But the big event of the day was that Sara turned 16.   She goes for her first attempt at the road test on Thursday.  Man, it just seems like yesterday that she was sitting beside me in the plane scribbling on some paper as we travelled home to Karawa from Kinshasa.  Today she went down to Saskatoon with her boyfriend for her big day.  His present to her — with our permission (he asked) — a belly button ring.  Yikes – I’m not about to do anything that looks that painful. 

Tomorrow we will have her favorite cake in her honor – McCains frozen vanilla cake with little chocolate sprinkles.  And ice cream of course. 

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That's my boy

Here he is.  A face only a mother could love.  It was hard to get a picture when his mouth was not moving!  Like a good lawyer!   

Well, actually, he seems to be friends with a lot of other students and they tended to be women.  Not sure what that means. 

Finally we have one kid through school – at least for awhile.  And I hope that if he goes back for more school later he will do it on his own tab. 

A lawyer in the family!  That is a first I do believe.

We sure had a fun time last night.  The MC was hilarious.  Roy Romanow was the guest speaker.  So we got a very good law school type of lecture.  It was very interesting – hearing one of the people who helped repatriate our constitution and write the Charter of Rights and Freedoms speak of the importance of putting justice ahead of rights. 

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