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Last night I spent at the E A Rawlinson Centre. The Prince Albert Festival of Dance is going on there this week and last night Grace was dancing.  When I looked at the schedule hung up on her dance studio wall, I sort of figured out that she should dance at about 8 pm, maybe a bit before.  There must have been a page missing – at least I missed it.  She and Nathalie danced last on the program after 10 pm. 

Oh well, I enjoyed a whole evening of dance for only $2.50.  Some of those girls(and a few guys) are really good dancers.  And since I can’t dance worth a hoot – I was impressed and wondered what if I had taken lessons when I was a kid.  But a pastor’s daughter didn’t get to do those things back in the days.

Grace and Nathalie danced a modern number.  This is their first year dancing modern dance.  The song was a real upbeat one with a calypso beat.  They did a great job and pulled off a first place with a mark of 84, I believe.

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