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A new Pope

As I was filling someone‚Äôs tooth this morning the usual assortment of popular music was interrupted to announce the election of a new pope.  A relatively quick election I think.

So it is Ratzinger!  Benedict 16th.   A conservative theologically for sure.  I can remember reading a paper of his on the Holy Spirit.  I think I picked up the reference to the paper via Brad Boydston’s site a long time ago.  It was a good paper if not a bit over my head.

I was commenting to one of my assistants that I didn’t suppose that with Ratzinger we’d have much chance of seeing women ordained to the priesthood anytime soon.  It opens up a whole new area to talk about anyway.  She might find the little booklet Called and Gifted put out by our congregation interesting.  I like it because it is based on scripture and is not sectarian.

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