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Voices – just voices

Tonight I took Grace and a friend out to a concert.  The Nathaniel Dett Chorale was performing in town and I knew this was going to be music that Grace would love.  I wasn’t mistaken.

The chorale sings unaccompanied.  Incredible voices singing powerful music.

I think we were an appreciative audience.  They gave us two extra songs in return for a deafening standing ovation.(My daughter was hooting and hollering for more) 

Out of a history of oppression and pain comes some of the strongest music.  The director told us that this was comfort music not in the sense of making us feel good but comfort in the sense of strengthening us.  The music was intended to do that to the original singers, giving them hope in the midst of slavery.  Songs like Don’t be Weary, Traveler and Let us Cheer the Weary Traveler with lyrics like
                          And if you meet with crosses,
                          And trials on the way,
                          Just keep your trust in Jesus,
                          And don’t forget to pray.
are real expressions of people who suffered and found their hope in exactly the same place I can look too.

If you ever have a chance, go and hear them. 

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Long dark nights

The nights are long
and dark
and silent.
People sleep,
or should.
But me?
My mind paces.
My mind hunts out
And finds silence.

There are things
I know
but don’t feel.
The intellect plays strange
There are things I feel
but know
are false.
Emotions are fickle.
My heart wanders.

I search.
The questions 
have answers 
only fit for Job.

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