Needing to mend fences

I am deleting some posts and editing a couple others.  I am not doing this because of being flamed in the comments.  I think I am guilty of crossing over into sensitive territory and in so doing I hurt my daughter.  She has always known about my blog but has never read it; has never had an interest in reading it.  But now she has.  We talked about it a long time tonight and she said don’t bother to delete them.  But I will-at least some.  The last thing I want to do is hurt her.  I guess I let the expression of my own pain take precedence over hers.  And I said things that, though honest expressions of how I felt, were critical of her. 

So, writing is one of the ways I deal with my pain, she knows that now.  But in dealing with mine, I have no right to cause pain to her.  So, if I write about her again, it will be with her knowledge and agreement, except to just mention more mundane stuff in passing.  She is OK with that.

And I guess that if you want to write to me about this and aren’t sure if the comment would be hurtful, there is a place to contact me on this page.  I will delete comments that I feel may be misread. 



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  1. Linea

    Seems to have been a problem when posting an article I write but post later – it doubles. Fixed for the moment.