Back to basics

Our office is computerized – well the front office anyway.  We haven’t gone whole hog and gotten computers in every operatory and we don’t chart directly onto a screen.  We use paper. 

And are we ever glad that we do right now.  The computer that acts as our server developed a defect on the hard drive.  There was some corruption of data in the backup too.  We have printout’s of everything – pretty-much anyway but the last back-up that works was the year end one. 

And our software company is not being much help.  We are seriously thinking of changing our software because of the poor support in spite of all the work involved in data conversion to another program. 

Our front office staff is trying to keep up with what we are used to doing on the computer by hand on  paper.  This weekend we are installing two new computers and they will be busy re-entering data on a more up to date operating system.  But this is going to be a lot of work.

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