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What a few words can do

This morning I got to help serve breakfast to about 24 Junior High kids at the church.  They had been up all night – Twelve Hours of Madness – in preparation for Junior High Jam in Alberta.  It helps them get to know each other a bit.  Saskatchewan is a big place and Covenant Churches are a long ways apart so these kids don’t get together very often.  They were a very quiet bunch this morning.  Being up all night quiets even the best. 

One thing I noted – some of the kids thanked us for the food.  Not all of them.  It was nice to hear the “thank you’s”.  They were not expected from the kids – at least by myself.  Just a simple thing but it felt good.

Then I went over to the Mayors Prayer Breakfast.  It was better than I expected.  Well, the food was nothing to write home about, just pretty ordinary hotel breakfast fare, but the words spoken were unexpectedly good.  I have always been pretty critical of the mayor but his story impressed me more than I thought it would.  Maybe this kind of public exposure of his faith will provoke him to exercise his faith more visibly in his role as mayor.  Not in a falsely pious sort of way but on some issues his stance has not come across as “christian” at all, in fact sometimes he seems on the opposite side of what is generally considered the public good.  But no matter what, I will be less harsh in judging him.


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Sara the Driver

Today a milestone was passed.  My household has no more student drivers!!  She passed.  Her only restriction is to wear her glasses.  Only lost 8 points.  She did the wrong sequence of signal, shoulder check, then change lanes a couple of times and did not end up parallel to the curb at the end of her park.  Not bad for someone who can’t back out of our driveway yet.

Our driveway is the litmus test for reverse driving.  First of all, my little CRV has to be backed out of the garage.  This requires a  slight turn in order to get past the porch steps and around the corner of the house.  Then the driveway is a fairly narrow one to negotiate.  While passing the house, another slight adjustment has to be made, keeping the vehicle parallel to the house till past the little part sticking out, turning towards the house again to avoid ending up in the neighbors yard.  If another car is parked in the extra parking space by the front step you must avoid running into that as well. 

She can now do this but it takes several retries and about ten minutes.

But she can now try it on her own and I do not have to endure the ten minutes patiently sitting in the passenger seat trying to give good advice.

She is so glad she got her license now.  September brings in a new graduated license with a bunch of restrictions on new drivers for the first couple of years. 

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Ruthless Trust by Brennan Manning

I’m about half way through the reading of Ruthless Trust by Brennan Manning.  I began it awhile ago and was picking away at it fairly slowly.  Then as I was dropped into a situation of complete unknowing and chaos I found the book speaking to me.  Right when I needed to be reminded about trust.  Right when I needed my faith to hold up under fire.

     But what about doubts and worries?  Do they too, signal a rejection of God’s Kingdom?
     Not necessarily.  There can be no faith without doubt, no hope without anxiety, and no trust without worry.  These shadow us from dawn to dusk; indeed, they appear even in our dreams.  As long as we withhold internal consent to these varied faces of fear, they are no cause for alarm, because they are not voluntary.  When they threaten to consume us, we can overpower them with a simple and deliberate act of trust: “Jesus, by your grace I grow still for a moment and I hear you say, ‘Courage!  It’s me!  Don’t be afraid.’  I place my trust in your presence and your love.  Thank you.” …

     After the initial experience, perseverance in the life long quest for greater intimacy with Jesus, no matter how often we stumble and fall, is not only the antidote to hopelessness and despair; it is the sure path to divine certitude that overcomes all doubts, anxieties, and worries…  (p104, 105)

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Arguing our points

Just sitting here browsing, since my patients have chosen not to show up this morning – so far.  David Brazzeal at posted a link to this article, Avoiding the Argument Party, on the Resonate group conversation.  Brian McLaren gets knocked around for his expressions of belief but I sure think he writes with a lot of insight.  We spend a lot of time defending ourselves and specific current issues that we have strong opinions on.  We like to argue, especially if we can make our point clear. 

But, I wonder if Jesus would have argued over the popular controversies or if he would have left them to the religious leaders who liked to argue? 

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Just thinking

I was thinking back to when I posted the picture of my son with his friends from law school.  He of course introduced us to friends of both sexes.  But his best friend was female and from what I could tell, he was certainly at ease in the company of a number of the women in his class.  I am wondering if this reflects on the stature of the significant women in his life or if it is just a personality thing?  He is a sympathetic guy and a good listener – but then again is definitely a male( his favorite piece of property he apparently listed as his rifle) in some ways of thinking. 

I’m just not sure he has been around many women that were the submissive type.  I am not.  His wife is not.  I suspect he is at ease around these women colleagues of his because he respects them as equals – or maybe as his betters.

I’ll have to ask him some day.

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Sweet Sixteen

Today was a pretty busy day – funeral this morning, dance competition to watch this afternoon and a session of volunteering at the same event this evening.  I just got home in fact.  And I’m pooped!  The girls got a distinction in their Hip Hop duet and that was great. 

But the big event of the day was that Sara turned 16.   She goes for her first attempt at the road test on Thursday.  Man, it just seems like yesterday that she was sitting beside me in the plane scribbling on some paper as we travelled home to Karawa from Kinshasa.  Today she went down to Saskatoon with her boyfriend for her big day.  His present to her — with our permission (he asked) — a belly button ring.  Yikes – I’m not about to do anything that looks that painful. 

Tomorrow we will have her favorite cake in her honor – McCains frozen vanilla cake with little chocolate sprinkles.  And ice cream of course. 

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That's my boy

Here he is.  A face only a mother could love.  It was hard to get a picture when his mouth was not moving!  Like a good lawyer!   

Well, actually, he seems to be friends with a lot of other students and they tended to be women.  Not sure what that means. 

Finally we have one kid through school – at least for awhile.  And I hope that if he goes back for more school later he will do it on his own tab. 

A lawyer in the family!  That is a first I do believe.

We sure had a fun time last night.  The MC was hilarious.  Roy Romanow was the guest speaker.  So we got a very good law school type of lecture.  It was very interesting – hearing one of the people who helped repatriate our constitution and write the Charter of Rights and Freedoms speak of the importance of putting justice ahead of rights. 

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