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The weekend

This has been an event filled weekend.  I spent it in Saskatoon being a soccer mom.  Provincial Under 16 Girls were battling it out – and PA Celtics lost in the semi-finals.  The game today was well played though, just the last four minutes the other side got 2 goals.  Sara came home with a sore foot from a run in with another foot also aiming for the ball. 

Stayed with my sister-in-law this weekend since my son had his mother-in-law visiting.  In terms of luxury, we got the best deal.  We had a bed with as many pillows as we could use.  And we had a great time visiting with her family and Rob, her fiance.  Her oldest son and I share the same birthdate so had a bit of a party on Saturday night. (No- I did not get older yet – not till Monday and then I will be over twice my nephew’s age)

Had another birthday party on Friday night as well.  Jordon has turned the ripe old age of 31 and I got to be at the get together at Ozzie’s. 

March has got to be the best month to have a birthday.  Really cute people are born in March.  If you are wondering who just check out Marc and Dixie’s new son.  What a cute kid Marc!

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Patients = Patience

Some patients push me to the limits of my patience.  Bad attitudes seem to be the thing that gets to me most.  When they do I tend to whip out my collection of sarcastic remarks.

So for Lent I said I would deliberately choose to serve someone rather than myself.  I don’t know that I chose this guy but he was sort of stuck in my face – someone I had to treat with more respect than I would like.  Someone I actually don’t have a lot of respect for because of his attitude. 

He came in.  Well, this is not the first visit.  And to each visit he has brought the attitude that whatever he wants he should get.  Trouble is that what he wants and what is possible don’t jive.  He wants us to restore health that has long been lost.  And I think he feels that we should do this with little effort on his part.  Sorry – Mr. but that is not how the deal goes! 

So here we are trying to convince the guy that his options at this point are really limited.  His teeth are beyond the point of being savable.  But he wants to keep on ignoring this fact.  He wants us to fix it.  He does not seem to get the fact that we are telling him the truth.  It is not what he wants to hear.

I am afraid that the attitude he displays is not just about his teeth.  I fear that he approaches life in the same way.  Being a chief, this is scary to me.  Does he expect the impossible to happen just because he insists it should, no effort required on his part, no long term commitments made?  It is an old attitude – the chief should possess the power to demand what he wants.  His people do not need a leader that lives in this kind of a fantasy. 

What a difference from what God the creator of all taught us.  If you want to be a leader – become a servant.

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Best Friends Talking

The aroma of coffee fresh brewing
Will be forever morning sunshine
And the Good Book read.
Best friends talking
The day waiting to be embraced.

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Just in a rut?

Life gets very hectic at times.  And then the computer starts to act strange.  Writing kind of stops.  It is too frustrating to write stuff and then have the whole computer freeze and lose it all.

Maybe life is just acting strange these days too.  Sometimes it too seems to freeze up, weird things happen.  But mostly it seems to freeze up and get stuck on the routine. 

So the days go on as if stuck in some sort of a rut.  Up, make coffee, go to work, home make supper, some activity in the evening or driving kids.  Finally bed.  The next day repeats. 

Hard to see how God is acting when life just kind of goes on. 

If life as we repeated each day circled around getting closer and closer to God as our centering point, I think that would be good.  Repitition is not bad if we become better at doing life with practice.  But if we are just repeating as a record stuck on some flaw, then it becomes pretty pointless.

I think I have been learning some new lessons about life through these fairly routine days of mine.  I long for more time, more quiet and time to read and simply talk or listen to God.  Sometimes I think the contemplative life in some religious order would be wonderful.  But God has given me this life of mine to live that includes work, kids, a husband, church, friends, etc.  I guess one of the biggest challenges for me is living in this tension of wanting to experience God’s presence at the very heart of me, knowing that it can’t just be about just my emotions (because this would be a very inward looking and for me a self absorbed affair) and being compelled by his calling me to participate in his work in this world through things he has given me to do.  If I am not constantly in touch with God and learning more of him I won’t keep very good balance. 

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Lobster feast

Today was one of those good day bad day sorts of days.

Bad day – computer problems. Something is crashing? It all freezes up. So lots of frustration.

Good day – we ate the lobster that Leo brought home from New Brunswick tonight. Sara loves lobster but decided these whole things are too much work. And they are. But worth it for a seafood lover like myself.

And tonight – Grandma is babysitting.

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So does anyone know???

Big question in the staff room this afternoon. What is the last name of the Queen? Not knowing but having a few good guesses my partner decided to find out.

In the back of the phone book is a number for the Government of Canada. General inquiries. Sounded like a general inquiry to him. So he called. He explained what he wanted to know. Whoever answered the phone was as ignorant as us but passed us on to the office of the Governor General. Wow! We are going to get the answer straight from the one who knows. So we threw in another related question – What is the last name of her children?

Disappointment – we only got as far as leaving a message on an answering machine. It may take 2 days to find out this vital piece of information.

Anyone out there know?

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