Maundy Thursday

My daughter wretches and cries in the bathroom next to our bedroom.  I hear and want to wrap my arms around her.  She knows I am upset.  I was angry last night and now she won’t let me near.  It seems everything I do is the opposite of what I need to do or say.  I am so afraid for her.  I need the right words.  I need wisdom.  I need love that will meet her needs, not my own.  I need patience.  And I’m not doing so well with any of the above right now.  Yesterday ended badly. 

Today is another day.  Maundy Thursday.  It’s hard to go to the table unforgiven, apologies unaccepted.

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  1. Anonymous

    When there seems to be nothing else you can do … pray.

  2. Toni

    Still praying too.

    We had an interesting time last night.

    My son has been going out with a girl for a couple of months now. She’s not a christian, and is obviously on an emotional rollercoaster. Ben is very good at conveying ‘impressions’ rather than actually giving a complete picture. He had asked to stay over for a night at her place this weekend, and announced that he’d like it to be Thursday night. We asked about sleeping arrangements, and he said “well, they have a spare room….”.

    Probing a little deeper yesterday evening turned up a rather more information, and he and I had a quiet chat in his room. Many of us males are inclined to not look too deeply into potential situations where we kind of know we might slip into sin, and actually rather fancy doing so. So big bad dad DID look more deeply. Hmmm.

    He was good, and rather than getting all angry and defensive, we were able to unpick things to the point where I was able to say “you’re not going” and he was a little relieved to be able to blame it on me. Which he did, 5 mins later. 😉

    Phew. The grace of God at work.

  3. Toni

    A thought which came to me some days ago, and doesn’t seem to want to go away, is whether Grace is viewing this as part of her cultural heritage?

    I suspct if she is, it won’t be consciously, but that may be a part of it. I’m sure there is a spiritual aspect to this too, which again may arise from the spiritual background of Africa. Just something you may want to pray into. Feel free to ignore this if you feel it’s off beam.