My emotional surface

Today was a difficult one for me emotionally.  I had no idea that I would wear my emotions so close to the surface.  I usually hide them – or rather, I would say, I am in control of them pretty well.  Today they kind of got in the way of everything.  It was even hard to play my recorder this morning during worship and usually music for me is a good reliever of those kinds of feelings. 

As I sat and talked with God before the service a friend joined me – a friend who understands exactly what I am going through.  I have gone through rough stuff with my kids before and it was an extremely lonely experience.  This onslaught of trouble is not finding me struggling on my own.  It will be tough but I will have company through this dark time.

It is painful to be the mother of a seventeen year old young woman being thrust by her choices into adulthood.

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  1. Toni


    I’ll pray for you and her.