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Getting vaccinated

And we are back in business and virus free.  For the moment.  These crazy viruses are so sneaky and seem to be able to sneak by a whole bunch of anti- virus and anti-spyware protection.  So I am taking Jordon’s advice and downloading the programs he suggested. 

Getting the computer back was maybe the best thing that happened today.  Some of the other stuff wasn’t so good – from the strained back all day to getting some other news that left me fairly numb.  So I have had my fill of ibuprofen for the day and need to get a bit of sleep, if possible, tonight.  I will probably blog more later when I can.

Life will go on, I suspect.  God will still be with me.  The troubles of this place and time are overwhelming right now.  My mind can’t quite understand it all – it is numb.   I know God is here and he is good.  That is maybe all I know right now. 

From the Compline for this night (Northumbria)

Lighten my darkness, Lord.
Let the light of Your presence
dispel the shadows of night.

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