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Reaching For The Invisible God

Maybe I just like Yancey’s style of writing but I think it is more than that.  He has written some books that have spoken profoundly to my situation.  This book is one that for me right now was just what I needed to read.  And now I have finished it.  I find myself flipping back to reread some pages where he said just what I needed to hear.

Sometimes I find myself yearning for the glorious self-indulgence of infancy, when the world revolved around me, when a whimper or a cry brought attention, when others met my needs with no effort on my part.  Sometimes I look back, too, on an early stage in my spiritual pilgrimage when God seemed close and faith seemed easy and irrefutable – a stage before testing and disappointment, a stage before weaning.  And then at church or in the supermarket I come across a  baby, helpless, immobile, with little comprehension, and I realize anew the wisdom of creation that presses us on toward maturity, our growth fueled by a diet of solid food, not milk.

While I still bear the scars of growing pains, I am learning to identify and avoid some seductions of childish faith:  unrealistic expectations, legalism, and unhealthy dependance.

Several times I have alluded to the danger of unrealistic expectations.  A child must, at some point, learn to accept the world as it is rather than as he or she wants it to be.  “It’s not fair!”  the foot-stamping lament of a child, mellows into “Life is not fair,”  the wisdom of adulthood.  People vary in beauty, family background, athletic skill, intelligence, health,and wealth, and anyone who expects perfect fairness in this world will end up bitterly disappointed.  Likewise, a Christian who expects God to solve all family problems, heal all diseases, and thwart baldness, graying, wrinkling, presbyopia, osteoporosis, senility and the other effects of aging is pursuing childish magic, not mature religion. (p 215)

The above quote is from Reaching For The Invisible God by Philip Yancey, Zondervan, 2000. 

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Another year older – and wiser? Who knows?

It is my birthday today.  It seems pretty crazy being closer to 60 than to 50 now.  Mostly it was just another work day for me except for all the nice things people did for me.  I did have to tell a couple people that no, this has not yet been declared a national holiday.  So I was definitely at work.

Today was also a milestone of another sort too.  My grandson, Kieran, came in to see me for his first dental check-up.  No cavities!  Only has about 2/3 of his teethe so far.  But I know he has the greatest parents who really do brush his teeth for him.  And when he came in he brought me a birthday present.  So it was doubly special.  He was pretty much like any self respecting kid though – he did not appreciate the dental chair at all. 

Some of the nice things – flowers, which I love.  A bottle of chokecherry wine – a red wine I do not react to; special too because it was made by a friend. A new printer so that I can hopefully print streak free photos.  And a really good quality alto recorder – a Moeck.  And I treated myself to a new pair of blue jeans and shirt as well as a few new books.  I think I may have to start up a lending library in order to justify the expense and space required to store them all.  I do love books.

Sad news is that I am having to write this from the computer at work.  That means coming back after hours.  But at least I have somewhere accessible.  Our home computer is in the hospital with some sort of virus that none of our anti-virus software detected or would remove.  So it pretty much froze every time we wanted to do something.  Hope it is well soon.  I depend on e-mail for some of my communication and on keeping up with my blogging friends.


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