The weekend

This has been an event filled weekend.  I spent it in Saskatoon being a soccer mom.  Provincial Under 16 Girls were battling it out – and PA Celtics lost in the semi-finals.  The game today was well played though, just the last four minutes the other side got 2 goals.  Sara came home with a sore foot from a run in with another foot also aiming for the ball. 

Stayed with my sister-in-law this weekend since my son had his mother-in-law visiting.  In terms of luxury, we got the best deal.  We had a bed with as many pillows as we could use.  And we had a great time visiting with her family and Rob, her fiance.  Her oldest son and I share the same birthdate so had a bit of a party on Saturday night. (No- I did not get older yet – not till Monday and then I will be over twice my nephew’s age)

Had another birthday party on Friday night as well.  Jordon has turned the ripe old age of 31 and I got to be at the get together at Ozzie’s. 

March has got to be the best month to have a birthday.  Really cute people are born in March.  If you are wondering who just check out Marc and Dixie’s new son.  What a cute kid Marc!

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