So does anyone know???

Big question in the staff room this afternoon. What is the last name of the Queen? Not knowing but having a few good guesses my partner decided to find out.

In the back of the phone book is a number for the Government of Canada. General inquiries. Sounded like a general inquiry to him. So he called. He explained what he wanted to know. Whoever answered the phone was as ignorant as us but passed us on to the office of the Governor General. Wow! We are going to get the answer straight from the one who knows. So we threw in another related question – What is the last name of her children?

Disappointment – we only got as far as leaving a message on an answering machine. It may take 2 days to find out this vital piece of information.

Anyone out there know?

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  1. No, I don’t know.. but darn good question! Please post the answer when you get it!

  2. Ahem, clear the decks, my wisdom is about to leak all over the place…

    An excerpt from a declaration made at a Privy Council meeting, held at Clarence House on 9 April, 1952 states:

    “The Queen today declared in Council her will and pleasure that she and her children shall be styled and known as the House and Family of Windsor, and that her descendants, other than female descendants who marry and their descendants, shall bear the name of Windsor.”

    A later declaration (8 February, 1960) stated that all her descendants who did not bear the “style, title or attribute of HRH, and the titular dignity of Prince or Princess” shall bear the name of Mountbatten-Windsor.

    Ask the Governor General to give me a call. Sounds like we need to do lunch, and fast.

  3. Linea

    Randall – you are impressive! Thanks.

  4. Jordon Cooper

    Windsor it is although Randall’s response was the impressive I have seen from anyone in years.

  5. Um, I’m really not that smart, I Googled it.

    I sat at the supper table today while our high school aged kids rattled off their grades this term. 80’s 90’s and 100’s.

    I discovered what it’s like to live at the smart kids house.

    (Course, in this day and age, maybe Googling it WAS the smartest thing to do!!!)

  6. Toni

    I think you’ll find she answers to a simple ‘Liz’.


  7. Linea

    Hey, it was more fun asking you guys than Googling it. The Governor General’s office did phone today with the same answer. Maybe they Googled it too.