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Volunteering pays off – in books

Talk about a dumping of snow!  I guess we got almost 30 cm’s from Friday night to Saturday afternoon. 

In the morning, I got up for an early appointment at the hair dressers.  I looked out at the garage and had some serious concerns about getting my vehicle out.  There was a drift between 2 and 3 feet deep beginning about a foot back of the door.  It was a good test for the four wheel drive capabilities of my CRV.  I made it out and got to my appointment on time.  None of the city streets had been plowed yet at that early hour.

Later in the morning I went over to St Mary High School where I was to volunteer to work in the canteen for the basketball tournament.  Most of the games went on, although several of the out of town teams cancelled or left early due to the road conditiions.  The work in the canteen was very slow.  I had intended to bring a book for such an eventuality but ended up forgetting it at home.  When I got to the canteen, the other volunteer just happened to be the school librarian.  When I told her that I was fine with it being slow ’cause then I could read but then discovered I had forgotten my book, she began to ask what I liked to read.  “Well, actually,” I said, “I like reading non-fiction best and am in the middle of a lot of books right now.  But a lot of what I read is classed as spiritual, I guess.  I am reading some Nouwen, some Yancey, some Merton and the book I was intending to bring was by Annie Dillard and it would be classed as literature, I guess.” 

Next thing I knew, we were in the library.  Parents are allowed to borrow books under their students name.  So I came away with a couple that look interesting:  Holy and Human, Mystics for Our Time by John D. Powers and No Strangers To Violence, No Strangers To Love by Boniface Hanley.  I was disappointed that they didn’t have some of Merton’s writings other than The Seven Storey Mountain.  Now I have a couple more books to add to the books I have started reading.  I’ve got to finish some of the ones I’m working on.  But they are not the sort of book to just sit down and read quickly. 

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Ladies night out

On the spur of the moment, I bought tickets to a concert tonight.  Carol Welsman – smooth jazz singer.  I didn’t know that this was actually a catagory of Jazz till tonight. 

Since Leo is still on his whirlwind tour across Canada, I invited a friend.  We had a great time.  We both loved Carol’s music.  Very smooth.  Very relaxing.  The kind of music you could really relax to.  Or snuggle up to your man to – but we had no men.  Oh well! 

Carol Welsman is to be recommended.  For her music if you enjoy Jazz.  She also puts on a very good show.  She came across as someone you would like to get to know – excellent rapport with her audience.  And an easy comfortable stage presence. 

So if you want to see her – she’s in Regina tomorrow night at the casino.  But you also get a chance to see her on CBC TV – a documentary on her career on Feb 17th “The Language of Love”

Friends were also at this concert – Paul and Verena Moser – from the Bison Cafe.  Friday afternoon usually finds me there after work meeting and talking with a friend.  But not today.  I missed my decaf mocha today.  I may just have to go in tomorrow.  Paul said they will be hanging paintings tomorrow.  They have a big show in their Red Door Gallery- Paintings by famous Cree painter Allen Sap. 


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Just my somewhat boring life happened today

I had a frustrating evening last night trying to figure out what was wrong with the internet.  Turns out nothing was.  But I could not get on.  And me, not being a real computer geek could not figure out why.  I guess something happened to our wireless router that messed up the IP address or something.  Finally, tonight I got home from work and called the guys at Sasktel support.  The guy I talked to was great.  He walked me through the complicated procedure – unplug the wireless router; plug it in again and try the internet.  It worked.  He didn’t even laugh at me!

Leo called me from BC today – at noon.  It was such a busy day I had to call him back.  So I guess we’ll have a big cell phone bill this month.  Actually, what can one say that gets into half of how much I miss him calling from the office phone.  Much too public a space to say much.  He will be coming home for one night Sat. leaving again the next day for Saskatoon.  And then will be home on Wednesday night again before taking off for the eastern part of his cross Canada tour.  He gets all the fun – visiting correctional facilities all across our fair land.  He loves it anyway.  He gets to teach just about every day and that is one of his gifts.

We have been very busy at work.  My reception staff have been triple booking me and wow that keeps me hopping – I have two chairs to work out of.  But production has been up and that keeps my business manager happy.  And you know it seems that every time I get anxious about having enough money to pay the bills, God answers my needs by making me work a bit harder.  Finances are always a bit tight over Christmas with extra time off and more no shows and cancelled patients.  We seem to be back to busyness.  Which is good in its own way.  The days go by quickly when there is no time to drag the feet.

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Ups and Downs

Yesterday I had a discouraging experience with a patient.  They seem to be unhappy about something I did and I can not seem to get them to answer their phone so we can talk about it.  Worst of all is that I have no idea exactly what is bugging them.  So, I guess I will keep trying to contact them until we can sort this out. 

Sunday, I had forgotten my Bible in the pew at church.  I meant to stop there on Sunday night to pick it up but forgot – till I wanted it that evening and it was too late to go and get it.  I guess changing out of PJ’s to get in the car and drive to get it is a bit of a deterrent.  And we do have a few other Bibles in the house.  Just not my Bible.  And so, yesterday, I headed up to the church after work.  We have a prayer corner at the front of the sanctuary which is for me a spot where I feel God’s close presence.  I was feeling very frustrated by the lack of communication with this patient, so I sat and talked to God about it all for awhile. 

It would be nice if this problem would just fade away without any need for me to do anything.  I did not get that sort of result from my praying.  As I said, it would have been nice.  But I got the sense that whatever happened, I could count on God walking alongside me.  He has had experience in being misunderstood so I guess he knows what I feel like from first hand experience.  I felt less bothered by it last night but am also praying that whatever I do or say will not harm the reflection of him that people should see in me.

Today, I had the opposite experience.  A person of eastern descent – a Hindu – graced me with her thanks – a card and a flower arrangement.  Just for doing my job and caring for her daughter.  Interesting how God can use those around us to bless us.  I guess I see his hand in this – knowing I needed to be encouraged, showing me once again how personal his care is.

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