Done retreating

 Went to the lake this weekend – to the annual women’s retreat held by our church women up at Kinesao.  Had a few visitors too from Saskatoon so on Saturday we were about 30 for the day.  The hardy ones who stayed for the overnights (in heated comfortable accommodations) were about half that number.  And the weather was absolutely gorgeous.  I stayed in a cabin about 2 minutes away from the main lodge.  We had to walk back and forth for showers and the events but we slept better I think.  We didn’t have to put up with rowdy women making shadow pictures on the ceiling.           Lots of talking, a good speaker and games and puzzles if you wanted.  I learned that Jodine is pretty fanatical about puzzles – once she starts one there is no stopping till it is done.  We had to drag her away to eat.  The only thing she is more fanatical about (well maybe not the only thing) is her hubby Lowell – lucky guy.

Saturday afternoon was free.  I went on a long trek through the woods to the west of the camp thinking if I headed towards the north I would run across a ski trail.  I didn’t.  But there are a lot of rabbit trails back in the bush and eventually I came back out to the road.  The rabbit burrows and trails were everywhere      but other than that I didn’t see more than just scat.  I did startle a prairie chicken down by the lakeshore and saw a couple different kinds of birds.  The afternoon walk was one of the highlights of the weekend for me.  I needed that alone time out in nature.  Seems I connect to God out there.  Maybe it is the beauty – a pale reflection of his glory but maybe all I can stand.  Anyway there he was and we spent some needed time together. 

The theme of the weekend was friendship.  It sounds like a “woman’s sort of theme.  But there is really nothing better than trusted friends – and some of my best friends were there. 

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  1. Kinesao is my favourite place in the world to walk. If you walked to the north (I think) of the camp past the privately owned cabins, you would have hit a lengthy ski trail (which is where I love to walk). Of course, if no one’s skiied there this year, you wouldn’t see much.

  2. Phil L

    Creation reflects the Creator. Some of my best times with God have been in the middle of his handiwork.

    I haven’t skiied at Kinasao in several years, but the trais used to be nicely groomed. Janet informs me that they were in terrible shape this year. Too bad, since they go through some nice terrain.