I couldn’t believe it – today a patient came in and wanted me to fill out forms for his short term disability at work.  He is one of those guys that goes in to a northern mine one week, comes out the next week.  He also lives way up north. 

He had a toothache so decided to finally get the offending tooth extracted.    You know – a few days of really bad pain, I could understand.  That could maybe disable you.  Getting a tooth knocked out – maybe that would disable you.  But the time you should expect to be off work – well maybe that same day.  Maybe you could stretch it out to two days.  But applying for disability insurance????  I asked him how long it had been bothering him. “Oh, off and on for about three years.”  I wrote that down. 

Well weird things get approved sometimes.

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  1. Must be an American living in Canada.

  2. Does your boss read your blog…?

  3. Linea

    TZ – I am the boss

  4. Well, ok then 😉