They will not remember – I do.

Today was one of those long tiring days when I wonder what on earth I am doing working more than 40 hours a week at my age.  One of those days when it felt a bit like running in one of those hamster wheels. 

Sometimes sedating children feels like I am really helping them.  The dental work gets done in a relatively efficient way and I know they will not remember a bad experience.  Most of this mornings cases were pretty good this way.  But for two of the five kids – it was not fun at all.  I know they will not remember because of the drugs.  It is good to focus on that fact at times. 

One child just happened to have a bit of a chest cold.  We ask but that doesn’t mean the mother has to tell us.  So in we go to do a couple of fairly involved fillings.  She was really mellow and that was good;  just how we like them to be.  Then as we began to fill her mouth with things – like a rubber bite block and a dental dam as well as fingers from two hands – she started to have a bit of trouble handling the phlegm in the back of her throat.  Suction – work.  Suction – work.  Not everything that we wanted to do got done.  But she was fine.  It will be about four to six months till we can get her in for more work. We are too booked up.  Which means there are too many kids needing dental work at the ages where sedation is the only option besides a general anesthetic.

The second “difficult” child was young – just two, but a good sized chunk of a kid.  He was not mellow!  Not at all.  And by the time we froze his four upper front teeth(stubs) he was fairly irritated.  He began to cry – not a nice you’ve got to feel sorry for me cry.  A screaming bloody murder get me out of here now kind of cry.  And he kept it up for the whole two hours he was in the office.  Moreover he bit me – as hard as a two year old can with only sharp little lower incisors against my fingers holding the gauze against his bleeding empty upper incisor sockets. 

Some kids graduate to the Operating Room list from our sedation list after a morning like today. 

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