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Just been busy

There has been a lot crammed into the past few days.  Not much time was left for blogging.  And I do share a computer with “the boss”.  He’s been home and busy perfecting the lectures he will be giving in French over the next few days.  It has been so nice to have him back for a few days that I won’t complain too much about limited access to the computer. 

Saturday was shopping day and family reconnection day.  The shopping part was good – we got the dresses needed for grad for my two daughters who are going as dates for grad.  Their older brother thought that the word “escort” did not have a good ring to it – not for his little sisters.  The dresses are beautiful and sparkly – just what was wanted.  And the price was just in the range I wanted – both for under $100. 

We (my kids, spouses and friends) then went for an early supper at Red Lobster.  Our treat of course!  Then over to the Fox and Hounds for the great northern Saskatchewan blogger meet-up.  You can read and see photos of it here, and here and hereBecky has all the links for the bloggers there which is great ’cause there were some folks whose sites I had not visited before.

Sunday was a full day too.  Church in the morning.  A couple of good things going on there.  One – I did not bomb out on the song I played alone on the recorder.  May sound crazy but I find that if I don’t take time to offer my playing as worship to God I am really shaky on it.  I know that perfection in my playing is a long way from what I can achieve but I do want people not to be distracted from their worship of God by my mistakes.

The second good thing for me was something Randall said in his talk to us.  He talked about how God leads us up to the thing that is before us to do much like he must have led Moses up to the shores of the dead sea.  We are faced with these things we are challenged to do for God – or things we need to face in faith.  We may be afraid and turn away, unable to exercise our faith in that moment.  But as we keep on seeking God, God will bring us back to that point again, gently guiding us to take that step out into what for us may be the total unknown; not pushing us off the edge into the sea before us but there urging us to step out in faith.  God wants to show us his power; what he has planned for us if we can take that step forward, totally trusting him.  This is what I remember from the sermon – the part where God was really talking to me anyway, mostly because I see that I have been at the brink of an opportunity before that I just could not do – my faith was not great enough.  And now God seems to have brought me back to this place of needing to step out again into a place of obedience.  I don’t want to turn from the challenge this time, hard as it may be to act as I know I need to do.

Then there was The Notebook.  An afternoon at the movies.  A bit close to home emotionally for me.  It is a story of love in spite of Alzheimers.  A bit romanticized and cleaner and nicer than what it is really like.  Mostly it is just sad and frustrating and sad.  And the end does not come when one wishes just because of love.  But love does carry us along, holding us together in spite of the insult of this horrible disease.

And today – for me a day off.  Haven’t done anything too useful yet.  But I did have lunch with my favorite man.  Heard his laments about his computer at work – it won’t let him in and he has e-mails he needs to get before he leaves again for the French connection of his lecture tour.

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