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Too young to feel like that

My last patient of the day was only seven.  I had seen him about 8 months ago, did an exam then and fixed a few of the many really rotten teeth this kid had.  Then he missed appointments and did not return.  Till today.  Today he came in – brought by his dad.  He has three badly infected teeth.  It seemed evident from the dad that the teeth were really hurting him.  So we froze one of the teeth – the worst one and got ready to take it out. 

The freezing part went just fine.  Then he started to cry.  He wanted out of there bad. 

He just seemed like such a miserable little kid.  I mean he looked fine on the outside but when he started to cry he was pitiful.  His life, according to him, sucks, his family sucks and he started talking about going home and committing suicide.  The reason was that no one in his family ever gave him good presents – or so he said.

A seven year old should not be talking about suicide.  The word should be foreign to him. 

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