Learning to use my time

This house is big and very empty tonight.  It is strange how when everyone is around, I long for these kinds of days and when they come, the silence is deafening.  The kids all seem to have their own busy agendas.  Leo is off to the east – in Winnipeg tonight and then to Kingston tomorrow.  When it is so quiet I find it hard to get anything accomplished.  So I have been reading and dosing off and on.  That is maybe what I need anyway – to catch up on some rest. 

Maybe all this emptiness of the house is just a symptom of the empty nest syndrome.  I guess that is coming soon.  I need to change some of the ways that I do things or I will waste a horrible lot of time just sitting and staring at walls.  This change is going to call for more discipline.  Over the past few years I have been mainly trying to catch up to whatever is waiting for me to do next – always some activity, some task needing to be done.  I will have to design my day so that I don’t just sort of flounder about wasting time.  

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