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Better than chocolate.

I have been mulling over the whole idea of fasting today; giving up something significant.  Chocolate would probably be a healthy choice. But my conclusion is that I need to deliberately give up some of myself.  I tend to value what I want over the needs of people around me.  I think I’ll work on that this Lenten season.  To start I think I will choose to deliberately serve another person instead of myself each day.  Not by accident but by choice. 

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Preparing – Lent

Today is Ash Wednesday; not a date most Protestants celebrate much.  But I feel more of a leaning towards taking the time of preparation for Easter that Lent is more seriously.  I need to prepare. 

I came across a meditation at Northumbria that spoke to me.  This is prehaps the fast we should all be called to observe – not some small token of repentance like giving up Big Macs for 40 days.

Is this not the fast that I have chosen:
to loose the bonds of wickedness?
to undo the heavy burden?
and to let the oppressed go free?
that you break every yoke?

Is it not to share your bread with the hungry?
that you bring to your house those who are cast down?
when you see the naked person that you cover them?
and not hide yourself from your own flesh and blood?

Read the rest of the meditation here

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