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Ladies night out

On the spur of the moment, I bought tickets to a concert tonight.  Carol Welsman – smooth jazz singer.  I didn’t know that this was actually a catagory of Jazz till tonight. 

Since Leo is still on his whirlwind tour across Canada, I invited a friend.  We had a great time.  We both loved Carol’s music.  Very smooth.  Very relaxing.  The kind of music you could really relax to.  Or snuggle up to your man to – but we had no men.  Oh well! 

Carol Welsman is to be recommended.  For her music if you enjoy Jazz.  She also puts on a very good show.  She came across as someone you would like to get to know – excellent rapport with her audience.  And an easy comfortable stage presence. 

So if you want to see her – she’s in Regina tomorrow night at the casino.  But you also get a chance to see her on CBC TV – a documentary on her career on Feb 17th “The Language of Love”

Friends were also at this concert – Paul and Verena Moser – from the Bison Cafe.  Friday afternoon usually finds me there after work meeting and talking with a friend.  But not today.  I missed my decaf mocha today.  I may just have to go in tomorrow.  Paul said they will be hanging paintings tomorrow.  They have a big show in their Red Door Gallery- Paintings by famous Cree painter Allen Sap. 


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