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Just my somewhat boring life happened today

I had a frustrating evening last night trying to figure out what was wrong with the internet.  Turns out nothing was.  But I could not get on.  And me, not being a real computer geek could not figure out why.  I guess something happened to our wireless router that messed up the IP address or something.  Finally, tonight I got home from work and called the guys at Sasktel support.  The guy I talked to was great.  He walked me through the complicated procedure – unplug the wireless router; plug it in again and try the internet.  It worked.  He didn’t even laugh at me!

Leo called me from BC today – at noon.  It was such a busy day I had to call him back.  So I guess we’ll have a big cell phone bill this month.  Actually, what can one say that gets into half of how much I miss him calling from the office phone.  Much too public a space to say much.  He will be coming home for one night Sat. leaving again the next day for Saskatoon.  And then will be home on Wednesday night again before taking off for the eastern part of his cross Canada tour.  He gets all the fun – visiting correctional facilities all across our fair land.  He loves it anyway.  He gets to teach just about every day and that is one of his gifts.

We have been very busy at work.  My reception staff have been triple booking me and wow that keeps me hopping – I have two chairs to work out of.  But production has been up and that keeps my business manager happy.  And you know it seems that every time I get anxious about having enough money to pay the bills, God answers my needs by making me work a bit harder.  Finances are always a bit tight over Christmas with extra time off and more no shows and cancelled patients.  We seem to be back to busyness.  Which is good in its own way.  The days go by quickly when there is no time to drag the feet.

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