Ups and Downs

Yesterday I had a discouraging experience with a patient.  They seem to be unhappy about something I did and I can not seem to get them to answer their phone so we can talk about it.  Worst of all is that I have no idea exactly what is bugging them.  So, I guess I will keep trying to contact them until we can sort this out. 

Sunday, I had forgotten my Bible in the pew at church.  I meant to stop there on Sunday night to pick it up but forgot – till I wanted it that evening and it was too late to go and get it.  I guess changing out of PJ’s to get in the car and drive to get it is a bit of a deterrent.  And we do have a few other Bibles in the house.  Just not my Bible.  And so, yesterday, I headed up to the church after work.  We have a prayer corner at the front of the sanctuary which is for me a spot where I feel God’s close presence.  I was feeling very frustrated by the lack of communication with this patient, so I sat and talked to God about it all for awhile. 

It would be nice if this problem would just fade away without any need for me to do anything.  I did not get that sort of result from my praying.  As I said, it would have been nice.  But I got the sense that whatever happened, I could count on God walking alongside me.  He has had experience in being misunderstood so I guess he knows what I feel like from first hand experience.  I felt less bothered by it last night but am also praying that whatever I do or say will not harm the reflection of him that people should see in me.

Today, I had the opposite experience.  A person of eastern descent – a Hindu – graced me with her thanks – a card and a flower arrangement.  Just for doing my job and caring for her daughter.  Interesting how God can use those around us to bless us.  I guess I see his hand in this – knowing I needed to be encouraged, showing me once again how personal his care is.

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