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Daily surprises

This day was a long one.  It started out with a few of us early risers getting together up at the church – talking to God and talking to each other.  There’s a lot of stuff that has changed over the past year or so at our church.  Time of worship is just a sort of administrative change but it has sort of a symbolic sense to it.  It opened up some other more important stuff that we needed to change, I think.  Maybe not enough yet, but it has started.  We are getting to know each other better.   And care more about each other.  We have a ways to go yet but we would like to get there.  Our church’s annual meeting is coming up this weekend.  And I sort of wish I could be there but I will be away at a continuing education thing in Saskatoon. 

From there, I headed straight to the office.  It was a sedation day.  Half the kids showed up.  That is always disappointing considering the number of kids that are waiting on our list to get an appointment.  In fact for the first time in years it is taking longer to get the kids in for sedation than into the OR for a general anaesthetic. 

We had one very irate father to deal with as well.  His estranged wife sent him with the daughter but obviously had not told him a thing about what to expect.  It was the fourth time the child was in so we expected that this should be old hat for them.  His daughter was very well sedated.  She peed on him.  He did not like that at all.  He also did not like to be in the room with her ( we request that a parent be there) and just had to go out for a smoke.   I also learned a lesson  – not to take for granted that the person bringing in a child knows what to expect.

The rest of the day was very busy.  It flew by.  Then I was called to see a new baby with a cleft lip and palate, so went straight from work to the hospital.  Slipped up to see my dad while I was there.  Then home to pick up Sara for soccer and grab a sandwich.  After that off to meet with our group that is reading through Blue Like Jazz by Donald Miller. 

And today when I checked my e-mail, I has a neat surprise.  An e-mail from an old Congo(Zaire) friend — past short term missionary.  Hi, Seto!  He just ran across this site searching for pictures of Gemena. 

Life is busy some days.  But it is good and sometimes has these little hidden surprises that are really cool.  Like interesting conversation.  Sometimes my best theological discussions are at work.  Maybe that should be expected.  That is where a good part of my life is lived out. 

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