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Well, tomorrow the kids go back to school.  Semester break is over and they launch off on a whole new round of subjects.  We of course do not want to get ready ahead of time in our house.  So tonight, before worship practice, Sara and a friend and I headed off to the big store close to our place to buy notepaper, munchies and makeup.  I’m not sure just why a kid needs munchies to go to school.  I understand that the makeup is essential.  And the looseleaf will probably get used. 

So after practice I had to descend to the basement to collect something from the freezer.  I thought the laundry had all been done a few days ago.  I guess all but one person’s laundry got done.  Probably that young woman has nothing left to wear.  Judging from the size of the piles of laundry, she probably does have nothing clean left to wear.

Why must all things be left to the last evening?  I can’t even claim to have passed along any procrastinating genes to these two young ladies.  Maybe procrastination is a learned behaviour.  If so, I guess they don’t really stand a chance.  I am a master of leaving things until it is almost embarrassing to finally do them. 

I am trying very hard to work on this.  Maybe I will do something about it tomorrow.

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