Cooking the roast

Today was a very significant day for me.  After a struggle, a sense of calm and real happiness.

And the other reason for it being significant – well I invited my son, wife and grandson for lunch.  Yesterday, I took out this large bison roast to thaw.  This morning early I set the stove timer to start the roast while we were away at church.

Then I had another task to complete for my daughter – packaging and labelling a parcel so she could take it to the bus this morning.

When we were beginning to play the first song for the worship service I remembered.  I remembered that I forgot to actually put the roast into the oven. 

We ate a large meal rather late today.  But it was good.

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  1. LOL.

    You aren’t the first person to do that!

  2. Steve Menshenfriend

    Two weeks ago, during the first worship song, I remebered that I had forgotten to pick up my wife and child for church. Ouch.

  3. that’s hilarious steve. Almost like the time the Jensons were going to take out their mom for lunch on mother’s day. Apparently everyone thought someone else had her, and she got left at the church. They must have come back to pick her up, but it was after I’d left.

  4. Steve Menshenfriend

    Forgetting the wife when she is at home is kind of funny. However, forgetting the youth group kid at the gas station is not so funny. I’ve done that one twice. I’m sure why I wasn’t fired. I probably should have been. Fun times !?! Johanna, say, “hi” to the other Steve.

  5. You could look at his website-type thing and say hi. Anyway, he’s in chicago for a bit, so I won’t see him for awhile.