Well I am not very often one to recommend a movie, but…

Leo and I just finished watching Wit.  Thanks to Becky’s recommentdation.  And many thanks too.  It was a great movie.  Not the kind that leaves you feeling all happy and euphoric but great in a seriously good sort of way.  There is a lot to learn from watching it.  It ought to be recommended to all medical students for sure.

Very heavy on Donne’s poetry.  That is good in my opinion too but some I’m sure would find it pretty heavy;  both the poetry and the silences. 

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  1. becky

    I’m so glad you enjoyed it! I’m going out to buy the play that the film is based on. Emma Thompson was amazing, no?

  2. Linea

    She was amazing. And what a difficult role to play.

  3. Phil L

    Sounds worth renting. I checked out a couple of reviews at IMDB.com and one reviewer called it “morbidly depressing and hopeless”. Did you find that the case? John Donne was a Christian whose poetry worked through issues of depression and hopelessnes but ultimately arrived at a hope based on Christ’s assurances to his followers.

    Another movie on the topic of dying that I watched a couple of years ago was “Tuesdays with Morrie”. It was really relevant at the time because my brother was dying of the same disease that Morrie died of (ALS). I thought it had some worthwhile observations about life’s priorities (loving others etc.), but fell short of the joyful celebration that my brother’s pastor helped us with at his funeral.

  4. The most depressing movie of all time has to be

    Dancer in the Dark
    . Watch it some time, but have a box (or two) of Kleenex nearby and be prepared to be angry and frustrated.

  5. Linea

    I can see where some would think this movie was morbidly depressing. However, throughout it there were these threads of hope and some very profound lessons. And I like the subtleness of wit so there were some very uplifting moments and very funny ones too.