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I do not have this version of the Bible but with all the controversy, I am thinking that it may be the version to get this year.  I actually linked to this page via Bob Smietana.  Even more interesting – I found a site; a journal of sorts I guess, called the Journal for Biblical Manhood and Womanhood.  My, oh my! 

I remember the old days – the days when the King James Version was the correct version.  In fact when I was growing up it was about the only version.  Oh, yeah, there was the RSV – but it was sort of suspect.  Then the floodgates were opened and before you knew it there were all sorts of translations.  Some of them actually were understandable and still kept enough of the poetry to be nice sounding as well.  I don’t know if nice sounding is the highest criteria for a book that is meant to change our lives.  But if it helps it to be readable that is good. 

But all this gender stuff!  I don’t get too bent out of shape about being called part of mankind.  But I don’t get all bent out of shape about mankind being called people or the human race or whatever term is used.  If worries me a lot more to find that people will pigeonhole men and women into certain gender roles as if those are the only ones that God intended.  Using gender explicit terms in any version of the Bible should not be justification for imposing certain roles as being the “Christian” way to behave. 

Well, that’s my opinion anyway.  But I am not some big name Christian so it is unlikely that anyone cares. 

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Life, I guess

It seems as if days are blending into other days and going on and on.  It may have to do with the time of year.  It is cold and dark and I still end up driving to work in the dark and returning most of the time after dark as well.  I thrive better in the sun.  I don’t know as I could say I am afflicted with an all out case of SAD but I am looking forward to the spring with eager anticipation.  Only about three and a half months to go. 

Meanwhile, I get through work.  I like it but it is hard to find real joy in it some days.

Tomorrow I go and spend a morning in the operating room.  If all goes well, it is a productive morning – in terms of work completed as well as in monetary production.  I guess since it is year end and the last couple of months have been slow, I am more aware of the pressing need to cover expenses and also aware that the revenue is down.  We will get through this period too, but it is just one more stress.  We seem to bring in and send out vast sums of money.  And in the end it just seems we owe the tax guy a little bit more than what we have.  That’s life, I guess.

So my daughter begins a new venture today.  She begins teaching a class in Hip Hop in a small town near PA.  The town in only about half an hour away but she has a friend who lives there who comes in to town for school.  Grace will be driving out with her after school on Thursdays, teaching two classes in the evening, returning with her friend to school the next morning.  On these roads I am glad she does not have to drive out there herself.  Even if the roads were good, her car is not meant to be a highway car and a dancer does not want to lose toes to frostbite.

And tonight, Christian is hoping the temperature does not drop too far.  I came home and found the end of his car plug still attached to the extension cord – sans le car!  Too late tonight to repair it since he doesn’t have the necessary parts.  He just got home from his new job at Boston Pizza.  Being a waiter was not his first choice – but the car payments are fairly good incentive to work. 

Tonight I made it up to visit my dad again.  I stayed away for the couple of weeks that I was so sick with a cold.  He was upset tonight about being in the hospital and wanted to get out.  That makes visiting a bit tricky.  He was constantly asking to get out of his restraints and I was busy trying to find something more pleasant that would distract him.  So we read a bit and looked at the book we got him for Christmas.  It was harder to say goodbye tonight though.  I guess it won’t get easier.

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