Maybe it's a change of life thing

The women’s group at our church is looking to change.  Structurally.  Throw out the constitution and see what works.  Change focus from “women’s” group to women’s “ministries” of the church.

This is a group that I have chosen not to be a part of.  My interests and needs did not fall into what they dealt with at all.  And my time was and still is too precious to use in this way.

It is not that I do not admire what this group of women has accomplished over the years.  They are fantastic fundraisers.  The causes they have helped have been laudable.  But I do not have the hours it takes to make crafts or to bake.  One of the choices I have had to make to keep myself sane has been to choose not to do some things.  Baking was one of the things I chose not to do from years back – no time to do it and no need to have that kind of food available at our house. 

And these same women could keep on just doing all the things they are doing now for a few more years, running their own show, working and working.  A large portion of the women in the congregation would never find any reason to join them.  But these women – you’ve got to hand it to them – are brave enough to open themselves up to change and become more relevant to the needs of all the women in our church.

And me?  I am a bit upset with myself for being a very cynical woman.  Bordering on being negative and querelsome.  Especially when I am tired or can’t see the point in something.  Maybe I can blame some of my attitude on the fact that I am a bit worn out from coughing.  But, no.  I know that I often will tend to complain about how something is when I know that if there is something I see that needs to change then I need to be willing to do my bit to bring about the needed changes. 

Right now I recognize things that need to change but I don’t have the time or energy to do any more than I am doing right now.  So instead of being able to find a helpful way to solve a dilemma, I become cynical and negative.  Maybe just staying out of the way is safer for me – in other words involve myself with other things and keep on ignoring the things that I know need to change but that get me upset. 

But for awhile now, I’ve heard about some of the changes coming in the women’s ministries.  For some reason it has caught my attention.  I am a woman.  I am involved in ministry in many ways – some are at the church and some are part of how I choose to live out my faith out in the “real” world.  Other women I am close to live their faith out visibly at their workplaces and in their families too.  We need to develop a support network amongst each other that will let us share our stories and prayers, and supported by each other reach out into the world around us.  This is what I hope would become the essence of our women’s ministries.  That’s what I’d be willing to give up some time to accomplish. 

Maybe it’s a bit like a change of life.  Women can handle that!  Life’s always changing for us.  The new stage will be a challenge for awhile and then it is bound to bring it’s own new kind of freedom and adventure.

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